TSH 35: How to create an offer so good, they can't say no

product unique selling points Apr 08, 2024

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Your USPs should be the inverse of your customer's pain points.

A lack of strong unique selling points, or USPs is a common reason for failure in any business, but especially in ecommerce.

A viral product needs almost no advertising. 

A strong product needs a little advertising.

A weak product needs too much advertising. 

The more viral the product, the less we need to spend to market it, because word of mouth and customer loyalty will do the work of the advertising - for free.

Having strong USPs, or Offer Elements, also underpins your creative, and your advertising. Why? I’ll break it down below.

So how do you find your product’s USPs, or start a business with a product that has strong USPs? 

Here are a few steps from a template in my course, Ecom Start, over at www.learnecommerce.com. You can write these down, or use a Google sheet.

Let’s say you’re selling, or have an idea to sell a range of organic, environmentally friendly bathroom products.

Write down 3-5 ICPs for your product or idea (Ideal Customer Profiles). 

  1. An eco friendly enthusiast
  2. A health-conscious individual
  3. Luxury lower
  4. Budget conscious shopper
  5. Family oriented buyer

Under each of these ICPs, in the same column, list the top 5 expectations or pain points related to their journey to achieve the outcome being offered through the product/service. I’ve done it below:


Next, we want to make a list of common pain points your ICPs might face, that our product might solve. 5-10 is fine, and you can put them into one group. These are going to be ideas for your USPs, or Offer Elements, I’ve done it in the below table:

Your USP or offer, should be the inverse of the pain point.

Now you’re going to craft your product’s USPs by trying to go directly inverse of the pain point.

I’ve done it in the table below:

What you now have is a list of Ideal Customer Profiles, their paint points, and your Offer Elements or USPs that will solve the pain points.

How to use your USPs to make compelling ads

Now that you have your clear USPs that aren’t fluffy, or made up - let’s put them to work. When it comes to advertising, too many brands will use generic copy, or have no strategy when it comes to copy. The same goes with creative - your job is to tell people how your product solves their problem or their pain point.

  1. Use your USPs as creative hooks to your target audience

For example, if we’re targeting the eco friendly ICP, we would be using the inverse of their pain point in our hook and in our ad copy or creative assets. Our ad should be aiming to:

  1. Exaggerate the problem the consumer faces
  2. Explaining why other alternatives haven't worked for the ICP
  3. Call out our USP or Offer Element that solves that pain point

We need to be constantly hitting home our USPs, constantly answering back to those pain points, and constantly telling our ICPs that we are here solving their problems.


Remember, a product that solves a problem, has a much better chance of success, and to find the problem solving product, we first need to find the pain points our ICPs face - then solve them with a set of arguments so persuasive that they can't say no.

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